Precede Technologies partners with inventors, researchers and early stage ventures to identify commercially promising intellectual capital. Precede provides the expertise, funding and staffing required to turn these inventions into high-growth businesses.

Precede's principals have founded and managed more than half a dozen companies in a variety of fields including telecommunications, software and medical imaging, and have created billions of dollars in shareholder value.

Prior to investing, Precede:
Determines market needs worthy of pursuing;
• Assembles a pool of highly-capable technology and industry experts to support the core teams
  of its new ventures;
• Identifies innovative scientific and technological breakthroughs;
• Validates market opportunities related to the inventions;
• Establishes a company together with the inventors.

Subsequent to investing, Precede:
Provides up to $1M of seed funding;
• Works closely with the inventors to determine staffing needs, and provides access to its network of
   technology and industry experts to fulfill such needs;
• Assists the company in developing a market-driven product, intellectual property and business strategy;
• Provides hands-on assistance based on the needs of each company in pursuing customers, business
   partners and the investment community;
• Facilitates follow-on funding through its network of VCs.

From the offices in Tel Aviv Precede has immediate access to Israel's creative, start-up oriented, scientific and engineering sectors, as well as with customers, partners and the financial community in the United States.